Mag-Num Consulting Services, LLC is an organization that provides customers with information on the electromagnetic field behavior of their devices using state of the art electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software provided by the ANSYS Corporation: Maxwell 2D and Maxwell 3D.

The following are some scenarios of why one would want to know the electromagnetic and/or electromechanical performance of a device.

  • How a device operates in the field before building costly prototypes.
  • Evaluate the electromagnetic fields if the unit is not performing as intended to assess possible short-falls in the design.
  • Reduce cost by modifying a design (excitation coil parameters, steel size, steel material, permanent magnet material.)
Figure 1. Electric Field Analysis of a Circuit Breaker Molding

Figure 1. Electric Field Analysis of a Circuit Breaker Molding

FEA allows one to model, predict, and answer “what if” questions regarding the electromagnetic performance of designs before building costly prototypes. A sampling of output information could include: Magnetic Flux Density, Magnetic Field Strength, Current Density, Torque, Force, Force versus Time of a moving object, Closing Time of Moving Parts, and in some applications Open Circuit Voltages and Short Circuit Currents.

Some of the FEA programs available from ANSYS for use in these consulting activities are: Maxwell 2D and Maxwell 3D, RMxprt, and the sophisticated circuit modeling program – Simplorer.

Maxwell is an advanced piece of software that allows users to model a device using DC, AC, or transient (with or without linear or rotational motion) solution capabilities. Maxwell has several more solution capabilities not listed here so please see the company web site at



 Armature Position vs. Time

Armature Position vs. Time

Armature Force vs. Time

Armature Force vs. Time

Why One Would Use Mag-Num Consulting Services, LLC:

  1. You are curious how a device operates in the field.
  2. You do not have access to the ANSYS software and would like to see its capabilities.
  3. You already have the ANSYS software but just do not have the resources because you are too busy.
Getting Started:

If you need magnetic design and/or analysis assistance, please use the contact information below for a quote. To get started, a P.O. and any other confidentiality agreements from your firm are needed after filling out a project questionnaire sheet (available upon request.)

MagNum Consulting Services, LLC looks forward to a business relationship with you in the future!


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